I want to order some games - how much will this cost in postage & packaging?

P&P is calculated according to what you buy - the size, weight & quantity combined.

An idea of postage charges:

£1.50 - For pretty small items we can send in an envelope, e.g. 3 booster packs or a couple of packs of card sleeves

£3 - More of that small stuff that's getting too plentiful to squeeze into that smaller envelope, but now we can also fit in card games & deck boxes and if you're only buying one game about the same size/weight as Munchkin, we can send that this way too

£3.50 - Ok, so you got excited, but that's ok, we love games too.  You've either bought shedloads of small stuff, grabbed a fair few deck boxes or card games or you've ordered one of the bigger items that is just that bit heavier.

£5 - You're treating yourself to more than one game, making the postman earn his keep a bit more.

£7 - Anything that weighs over 2000g, your whole basket or a single item (if we ever get anything that big).  Please remember, we are not resposible for you losing floor space in your home for all of those extra shelving units you will need!

Smaller items are sent by Royal Mail. Larger boxes are sent by courier & will require a signature on delivery so please send it to somewhere you or someone you trust will be.

If you have any specific requests such as an urgent delivery, just get in touch.  We can send your parcel anyway you want, but there may be an additional charge on behalf of the courier service.