Star trek attack wing romulan drone ship expansion wave 11 raw

Star Trek Attack Wing: Romulan Drone Ship

Price: £12.00 (In stock)
Product Code: 634482715369
  • Miniatures
  • of Players 2+
  • Play Time 60 minutes
  • Suggested Ages 12 and up

The Romulan drone-ship was an advanced experimental attack starship described as a marauder and developed by the Romulans in the 2150s. At least two prototypes of the vessel were built. The starship itself was a modified Romulan Warbird, with its propulsion systems and command circuitry largely identical to the typical Romulan warship of that era.

This expansion comes with one new ship and a new set of cards for Star Trek: Attack Wing.

Star Trek: Attack Wing – Prototype 01 Expansion Pack is part of the Wave 11 expansion packs from WizKids Games.