Fnm events

6pm – 10pm every Friday

Lots of different events every week, The Missing Geek’s FNM gives players of all ages and level of experience a chance to have fun, with a variety of different formats. To play at FNM, entry is £3 per person. Here are some (but not all) formats we run:

  • Standard
  • Draft
  • Modern
  • Two Headed-Giant (2HG)
  • Commander (EDH)
  • ...And much more!

Plus, bring a friend that’s never been to The Missing Geek’s FNM and get a free booster*

*Friend must not have a DCI number and must play at FNM. Booster is down to the manager’s discretion

Wednesday night gaming

6pm – 10pm every Wednesday

We host casual gaming evenings each week on Wednesday, and we also offer table hire every day while the shop is open.

Table Hire Charges

Using our GEEK Board Game Library:
£4 per person/£3.5 per student
FREE for Children under 10 years of age*

Bringing your own game:
£3 per person

* must be accompanied by an adult